Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fixing Xcode the requested file was not found in any documentation set

Anyone using Xcode to program for iPhone could experiencing the error like following after update the 3.1 documentation:

"the requested file was not found in any documentation set".

after inspect the the Apple's latest iPhone OS 3.1 docset package, it looks like someone at APPLE did not run a good QA on this one. anyhow, I fixed the prompt by using following method in the exchange to get back the old version of documentation set for 3.1

the problematic docset is version v22.20.0 as you can see in the Get Info dialog in Xcode. we need go back to the old version of document. Here is how:

1. download the old docset file from apple's website, you can follow the following:
download the v21.13.0 or v21.12.0, they both point to the same file, which is version 21.13.

2. the above download is a xar file, so you need to use xar to extract it:
xar -xf com.apple.adc.documentation.AppleiPhone3_1.iPhoneLibrary.xar
this will result a directory as com.apple.adc.documentation.AppleiPhone3_1.iPhoneLibrary.docset

3. unsuscribe for the Apple iPhone OS3.1 docment in Xcode, and Reveal in Finder of the iPhone OS 3.1 Library, delete the whole com.apple.adc.documentation.AppleiPhone3_1.iPhoneLibrary.docset directory.

4. now move the directory you extracted in step 2 to the location of step 3.

5. the error message will be gone. you will see a button says "UPDATE" at the right side the iPhone OS 3.1 Library, DO NOT click on that, if you do, you will end up with the error message again.

Hope someone at APPLE fix the issue soon!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Thanks! That solved a major annoyance in Xcode.

  2. That atom feed has the bad docset only (Nov 2009, v22.20.0) . To download the previous docset, use wget to download it from http://devimages.apple.com/docsets/Oct2009/com.apple.adc.documentation.AppleiPhone3_1.iPhoneLibrary.xar

    then continue with the instructions. Thanks Allen!

  3. Submitted to Apple as a bug: rdar://7439516

  4. One more thing: by default, newer installs of Xcode auto-download docset updates whether you want them or not. I can't find any preference to turn this off. So even if you repair the bad .docset, Xcode will break it again next time you launch.
    BUT, if you set your v21.13.00 AppleiPhone3_1.iPhoneLibrary.docset as read-only, Xcode just displays an exclamation-mark warning beside it and leaves it alone.

  5. Whew, thanks! This constant error message was making me crazy.

  6. Thank you very much! I had already started to regret my upload...

  7. Thanks much for the fix. Yours was the only one that actually worked of the ones I read.

    Just a note: you can avoid "updates" changing things by clicking the "gear" at the bottom left of the documentation window, and setting it to "Manual".

  8. Thanks for helping us to get rid of this nuisance ... and to Andre for the hint with the updates :)